Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am a big advocate of lifelong learning. It doesn't matter whether it's for the paper qualifications or just for the fun of learning something new. I get all excited whenever I meet like-minded retirees. There's instant bonding.

That's exactly what happened last Sunday. I was at Wawasan Open University's Orientation Day for new students. There I met Monica Khoo, 68, a retired nurse and grandmother of five. She had just enrolled for a certificate course in Business Management, and is one of several retirees currently studying at WOU.

"I always like to try new things. It helps to activate the brain cells. Of course, there's that feeling of anxiety. Will I be able to cope with the challenges of open distance learning? It's so alien to me. But I am excited too, and definitely looking forward to my first tutorial next Sunday."

At WOU KL branch with Regional Office Director Mr Kuppusamy Chellappan, Acting Asst Manager Ms Janet Khaw (in blue) and Adm Assistant Esther (in green).

If you are seriously considering further studies, you might want to check out Wawasan Open University (WOU). You can choose from certificate to postgraduate courses. There's no maximun age limit. Entry requirements are flexible. Fees are really affordable as students aged 60 and above get a 50% discount. Other plus points: the medium of instruction is English, and the student population is truly multi-ethnic. Oh, did I also mention well-qualified and experienced tutors like Mr Fan Kok Keong below? He's an inspiration to both students and tutors.

Advice from tutor Fan Kok Keong in WOU's newsletter (click on image to enlarge).

By the way, WOU is not paying me a cent to promote it. I'm merely stating what is. Check out the website to find out more. It's still not too late to register and get that degree you missed out on when you were busy building a career or raising a family. The new semester starts next week. There are two intakes a year, in January and July.

Cultural diversity enriches the learning experience for all students

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Be Ing said...

Wawasan Open University may need to relook at the course content and course structure which has such a strong component of making the students to be good employees. There is nothing wrong per se. But lifelong learning is much more than just be good employees.

foodbin said...

knowledge is gold.