Saturday, December 30, 2017

SENIORSALOUD 2017 IN REVIEW (Part 2: e-Newsletters)

SeniorsAloud started the e-newsletter primarily to reach out to members who do not have an FB account and do not want to have an account. Since our first issue in June 2014, we have emailed the newsletter without fail every month to those who have registered with SeniorsAloud.

However, we have members telling us they have not received any newsletters. We can offer three possible explanations:
  • there was a typing error in their email address
  • their email address is no longer valid - e.g.,, and
  • the newsletter went to another email box - e.g. the Promotions box for those using gmail.
We suggest that they re-register. Once they have submitted the online form, they will receive an email to confirm their registration. Our registration form asks only for basic info e.g. name, year of birth, email address and contact number. We do not require your IC number or address. The rest are optional. We take confidentiality of info seriously.   

Here is a look back at our 2017 newsletter announcements, from December to January. They served to alert members to check their email, and also to promote membership drive. We hope the effort is not wasted. 

The January 2018 newsletter will be out soon. Do check your mail box. Happy New Year!

SENIORSALOUD 2017 IN REVIEW (Part 1: Events)

2017 has been a most eventful year for SeniorsAloud. Not only did we see a rise in our community membership, but also more traffic to our FB page. It warms our hearts when strangers recognise us in public places and come up to say "You are from SeniorsAloud? Keep up the good work!" We most certainly will!

This year we collaborated with several organisations like Freedom Film Network (FFN) Malaysia, University of the Third Age (U3A), Petrosains Discovery Centre KLCC, Grab, Third Age Media and Pitstop Community Cafe. We were also fortunate to have experts in various fields come and share their knowledge and expertise with our members at our monthly events. They include image consultant Sheila Wong, TCM specialist Dr Kong Why Hong, Qigong instructor Wan Chee Wing, Nordic Walking founder Mrs Jagjeet Singh and financial consultant Lee Hock Chye.

Thanks to the media, more people now know about SeniorsAloud and what we do. We have been interviewed by BFM89.9, and by monthly health magazine Urban Health.

But most of all, we thank our members, friends and followers of our blog and FB page for staying with us (and spreading the word) and supporting our events. We hope for your continued support in 2018 and beyond.

Here is a look back at SeniorsAloud events in 2017, from January to December:

As we have mentioned before, 2018 marks our 10th anniversary. Members can expect even more exciting events and activities from SeniorsAloud to celebrate our first decade as arguably the one and only online community in Malaysia/Singapore run by seniors for seniors to promote lifelong learning and active living. Cheers!