Sunday, July 4, 2010


T-shirts with caricatures by Reggie Lee were on sale for RM8 each.

Durian lovers, if you missed this year's Charity Durian Fest at Subang Parade, you will regret it for the next 12 months. For only RM20, you get to eat all you can in an hour. But the best part is all proceeds go towards helping grant the wishes of children with terminal illness. Organizers of the annual event Children's Wish Society of Malaysia is hoping to raise even more funds this year.

Our group of seniors from RAMLEA managed to purchase 25 tickets for the 2-3pm session before they were all sold out. As the pictures below show, we had a feast, and all for a good cause.

Good idea to leverage on the charity event to register new voters.
After what seemed like forever, the first basket-loads of durians finally made their way to the sunken plaza at Subang Parade.
More waiting as the durians are being opened.
Our group digging into the king of fruits.
30 minutes later...beginning to slow down. Oh, there's mangosteen and rambutans too?
The sight of more durians as we made our way out was enough to make us belch durian breath!


foodbin said...

what a feast-wish i was there.

Connie said...

Too bad I am in Jb and miss the durian session, Shou Kong really enjoys it, i can see from the pic