Friday, July 16, 2010


Death is inevitable. Instead of treating the subject as taboo, why not look at it positively as relief from pain or a chance to meet our Maker? Better still, why not celebrate death with a party to die for? There is a website that allows you to do just that and more.

You can leave messages for your loved ones, post photos, write your bucket list, choose your favourite songs to be played at your wake, and even write your own obituary.

The website is a tie-in with the first-ever global Quality of Death Index commissioned by Singapore's Lien Foundation. The report was released just two days ago on 14 July. (Note: the site is no longer available.)

In overall rankings based on basic healthcare environment, availability, cost and quality of palliative care, UK topped the list of 40 countries. Among Asian countries, Taiwan ranked the highest at 14th, Singapore 18th, Hongkong 20th, Japan 23rd, Malaysia 33rd, China 37th and right at the bottom, India 40th.

If you would like more information on palliative care and pain management for patients as well as support for caregivers, do check out Singapore Hospice Council's website.

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Knocking on Heaven's Door

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