Community Projects

SeniorsAloud is a firm believer in volunteerism and giving back to the community. Nothing is more satisfying and more rewarding than being able to help others who are in need.

The 'Grant a Wish for the Elderly' (GWE) project was started in 2014 with the aim of providing assistance to senior citizens and the elderly in need. 

SeniorsAloud is grateful to all who have contributed towards our GWE project. Below are some of the recipients of assistance under the GWE project.

Donation to NASAM (Ampang branch) for the inaugural STROKE GAMES, Sat 4 March, 2017, at Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam

Donation of a sewing machine to MUMS SEW WITH LOVE, an NGO for single mothers.
Our SeniorsAloud team members with Keats Markandu, founder of Mums Sew With Love. The additional machine will help the single mothers produce more items for sale to support their families.

Donation towards the full cost of cataract surgery for Mr Liow Cheng Loon
With Justin Cheah, project director of Kechara Soup Kitchen who had approached us about Mr Liow Cheng Loon's case. As a red IC holder, Mr Liow, 69, was not eligible for govt welfare aid. SeniorsAloud covered the cost of cataract surgery for both his eyes. The surgery was a success and Mr Liow now enjoys clear vision.

Donation of a Roland Micro Cube GX amplifier to The Happy Buskers
With better sound, the Happy Buskers can now draw bigger crowds and more donations.

Donation to KG HAKKA for the preservation of cultural heritage, and the building of a stage for community activities at the village centre.
Receiving the first of two cheques are Victor Chin and Chan Seong Foong, co-directors of the Freedom Filmfest award-winning documentary 'Memory as Resistance' based on Grandma Kong's early memories of life in the 100-year old village.

Donation of medical supplies, food and other essentials to victims of the East Coast floods
Team members with some of the supplies to be sent to Kelantan flood victims. The floods were the worst in recent history. More than 60,000 people in the east coast states had to be evacuated.

Donation in aid of widow Mdm Lai Hon Yin
Hospitalized with terminal cancer, Mdm Lai, a hawker, was unable to provide for her family of three. SeniorsAloud covered Mdm Lai's house rental for 10 months, by which time her eldest son would have completed his studies at UM, and hopefully find a job to support the family. Looking on are her youngest son and a family relative.

Donation for the installation of a CCTV system to TONG SIM Old Folks Home, Old Airport Road, KL.
The CCTV system enabled the home manager to better supervise the elderly in their care. The home offers free shelter to mostly abandoned elderly. 

Donation of bed sheets, towels and iron to PHYLLIS CARING HOME, Section 12, PJ.
Residents of the home were delighted to receive 14 sets of quality bed-sheets and bath towels to replace their threadbare ones. 

If you know of any elderly person or old folks home that is need of assistance, do contact SeniorsAloud at 012-3068291 or If we are able to help, we definitely will.

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