Thursday, July 22, 2010


The public's view of retired middle-income professionals is they have unlimited financial resources to live on for the rest of their golden years. After working a good 30-40 years of our lives, retirees like us should have millions in EPF savings, right? Absolutely not! But that's how investment brokers and mutual fund agents look at us. And that's why we are a popular target for their products.

Healthcare and medical expenses eat up a huge chunk of our retirement funds. Inflation is another $-gobbler. We don't qualify for government aid. So where do we turn to when we need some financial assistance?

Our adult children? They have so many financial commitments of their own, we can consider ourselves lucky they don't borrow money from us! We have to count every penny and think four times before we part with our hard-earned savings.

Source: New Straits Times

Adibah Amin is a case in point. A well-known journalist and former NST editor, she suffered a stroke three years ago and has been running up hefty bills for her medical treatment. Fortunately for her 1Malaysia Development came to her aid with a donation of RM50,000. We wish her a speedy recovery. She is one great lady and much admired.

But what about the less fortunate retirees whom society (and perhaps their own children) has forgotten? I have met many who are in this predicament. Over time, I have seen how some of them have sunk into despair and depression. Their constant lament: "Want to die, also cannot die". They see no hope, no point in living.

It is heartening to know that finally the private sector is sitting up and taking note. Several events are coming up over the next couple of months that seek to address the needs of retirees. For more information on these events, check out the announcements posted on Seniorsaloud.

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