Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Seniorsaloud has been getting quite a bit of interest from the online community. I have received emails requesting for interviews, for links to other blogs, and for free promotion. The latest emails came from two Singapore firms that are organizing events targeted at older adults 45+. Seniorsaloud is happy to help promote these events.

The first is a 2-day conference on "Marketing to Baby Boomers" to be held on 19-20 November at the Marriott Singapore. If you have a business that caters to the silver-haired market, or are interested in setting up a seniors-related enterprise, you would want to register for this conference. For more details about the speakers and the topics, click on the link above or on the image in the side-bar (scroll down).

The second is a search for senior challengers to participate in an info-reality show for Mediacorp Singapore. This is a programme featuring senior citizens taking up challenges and fulfilling their dreams.

I reproduce part of the email below:

There are 13 episodes for this season and each episode will feature a kind of sport/activity/skill. The main objective is to encourage other seniors to have a positive life, even after retirement. This is a Mandarin programme and the title of the programme is - I Can Do It Too! (我也做得到!)It will be aired on Channel 8.

We are looking for candidates for the following categories:
~ Sand Sculpting - preferably with a family member (must be older than 20) or a senior friend ~ Marathon - alone
~ Juggling - alone
~ Felt Craft (handicraft) - preferably male
~ Kizomba Dance - with a partner, both must be seniors

Basically, you have to be interested in learning the new skill/activity and we will introduce you to a professional trainer for a training course. The entire training will last for around slightly more than a month and ultimately, you will have to fulfill a task or achieve a mission. All expenses incurred will be paid by the production company or sponsored by various companies. We only need your time and passion!

If you meet the following criteria, we would like to see you:

~ above 45 of age
~ positive and cheerful
~ have a strong interest for your selected category (no experience preferred) as you need to learn from the basics
~ any nationality but must be able to speak at least basic Mandarin as it's a Mandarin programme
~ be physically fit and healthy
~ be comfortable in front of the camera i.e. not camera-shy

Please call (65) 63417710 and ask for Zelda(小橦)to arrange for an interview or to know more details. Or email me at

Anyone game for the challenge?

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