Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Dark-skinned Shanghainese girl Lou Jing (shown here with her mother) sparked off racist attacks on the Internet against her and her mother when she appeared on the 'Let's Go! Oriental Angel' talent show.
Photo: Blog.Huanqiu.com

Yet another hate story has surfaced. This one happened in China. As the majority race in China, the Chinese, who are of Han descent, seem to have difficulty accepting folks (like the Uighers of Sinkiang) who are of a different colour or religion.

It would be interesting to do a study of people who practice bigotry. Do they share common characteristics? Are they themselves victims of racial discrimination or abuse just like their parents were, perhaps?

In the cowhead incident, I wonder what this person meant when he said he would feel "uncomfortable" if an Indian temple were to be built in his neighbourhood. What's there to feel uncomfortable about? On the contrary, I would feel safe if I lived near a mosque, a church or a temple. True devotees, whether they be Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or Taoists, practise love and respect for all mankind.

HATE is a most toxic emotion. Having this in our system is worse than having cancer because unlike cancer, hate is contagious. It can spread and kill much faster than the H1N1 virus. Just look at the atrocities taking place everywhere in the world.....and in our own backyard.

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