Monday, September 14, 2009


The bus company is obviously aware of what commuters have to put up with! I tried calling the numbers but no one picked up the phone. So much for the sign.

Ever since I sold my car in 1998, I have been relying mostly on public transport to get me from A to B. If you are a regular commuter like I am, you will have plenty to gripe about. Take today, for instance. It was my umpteenth 'public confrontation' with the Metro bus conductors since the bus fares went up on 1 September.

Clearly stated in black and white, but the bus conductors claimed they didn't know about the new concession for senior citizens!

It states clearly on the announcements pasted all over the inside of the Metro buses that orang tua (senior citizens) 60 and above pay only half fare. Regardless of which Metro bus I take, the conductor invariably insists I pay the full fare. Even when I point out the company's signed directive, I get any one of the following responses:

~ the boss never informed us of this half fare
~ you don't look like you are 60+
~ the new ruling is 65+
~ none of the elderly passengers have asked for half fare
~ we don't have time to check all the identity cards
~ as you wish, but I'll report to my boss about this


So far, the conductors have caved in. That's because I stood up for my rights, and had the evidence to back me up. However, on all the buses I've taken, I have yet to see older passengers asking for this fare concession. Ignorance can be expensive if you take the bus daily! One elderly man was sitting right beside the directive, but for reasons best known to himself, he did not take the trouble to read it.

Buses waiting for more passengers, never mind if they are hogging half the road and blocking the taxis from exiting.

Now wouldn't it be lovely to board a bus and when you take your money out to pay the full fare, the conductor smilingly tells you, "Auntie, you only need to pay half fare." That would certainly make my day!

Dirty bus-stops are the norm. There are no bus schedules or information on bus routes. This is in the up-market neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas.

You can bet this is NOT a bus stop in Kuala Lumpur. There's ample information on schedules, time of bus arrivals, and wheelchair facilities on board. Below that is the map showing bus and MRT routes.

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