Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just watched Oprah on telly going gaga over the Kindle. When I first heard about the Kindle late 2007, I dismissed it as yet another pricey gadget for the young and trendy. Now after seeing Oprah waxing lyrical over her Kindle 2, I thought maybe I should check out the latest model - the Kindle DX. I did and came away impressed.

No, Amazon is not paying me to promote their e-reader. But, hey, good stuff should be shared, right? I know a lot of seniors love to read.

Consider these features. At only 19 oz, it's a lightweight. It can store up to 3500 books. Think of all the storage space you can save. You can select from over 275,000 titles. You don't need to carry wires and batteries along with the Kindle. There's a built-in dictionary. You can adjust the font size for easy readability. Also, no trees will be sacrificed for your reading pleasure.

Sure, there are other models like the Sony e-reader and the iLiad, but I have a feeling that, like Google, the Kindle will become a verb.

The only major downer is the price tag - USD490. Well, I'm putting the Kindle on my wish-list and visualizing reading my favourite books on a kindle. Maybe that will work.

If you want more info on how to use the Kindle in Malaysia, visit


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