Thursday, May 3, 2012


Screen-shot from Sunday Times 22 April

Who would have believed that old friends Thng Wan Kow, 70, Tan Kok Sing, 87, and Teo Kee Huat, 68, have made it to Oprah's blog. "Oprah who?" they would probably ask, wondering what all the fuss was about.

While most of us are still struggling to get out of bed in the morning, the trio are already on the basketball court at Block 95, Henderson Road, shooting three-pointers. They have been doing this every day for the past few years.

Thng and Tan had both suffered a stroke some years ago, while Teo had his colon and rectum removed in 2008 because of cancer. Theirs is a story of courage in the face of adversity. They never once gave up on themselves. The Singapore Sports Council has featured the three men in a video to spread the message of the importance of keeping fit and active.

Writes Oprah in her blog, "We love these guys - we're calling them the Singapore Globeshufflers - for reminding us that it's not about how many miles you can travel throughout your life, but how many three-point shots you can sink along the way."

Tan has the last word, "I have met some (colorectal cancer) patients who still cannot get over their ordeal. I tell them that it is in the past and they have to move on, because if you don't do anything, then you are really just waiting for death. The body is old, but the heart is not."

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Beatrix Lewis said...

Wow! This is seriously amazing! They deserve to be featured not only in Singapore but also in Oprah's blog. Just imagine what they have gone through and they are still here living their lives like there is no tomorrow and having fun. This is truly very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Lily, what about us here in Boleh Malaysia?
The "best" country in the world!