Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Who among us have not lost dear friends and relatives to cancer? In recent months, we read of the passing of Steve Jobs, 56, (pancreatic cancer), Robin Gibb, 62, (colorectal cancer) and Donna Summers, 63, (lung and breast cancer). Cancer does not discriminate. It can strike anyone, rich or poor, young or old, and even those who seem healthy and fit.

Chemotherapy and radiation do not guarantee success, and are viewed with dread. Well-meaning friends and strangers have been sending me articles about various types of alternative cancer cures to share on SeniorsAloud. From the much touted Sabah snake grass to the humble papaya, from the anti-cancer Qigong walk to special breathing techniques - how effective are these 'cures'? I don't know, and that's why I usually don't forward these emails to others.

I have also been told that anyone with terminal cancer or advanced cancer will try anything that offers even a remote chance of a cure. After all, they have nothing to lose and their life to regain if the cure works.

If that is the case, I shall share these videos below strictly for information and discussion only. Please do your own research and seek expert opinion before you put your faith in any of the cures featured in the documentaries. Some of the methods advocated not only claim to cure cancer but also prevent the disease in the first place.

The first video is a 3-minute trailer for those who have no time or interest to watch the second video which is a full-length documentary 1 hour 13 minutes long. Or you can go straight to the third video which is a 50-minute interview with Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr Max Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute in Mexico. (Click here to read more about the Gerson Therapy.)

What Charlotte says makes a lot of sense. We are what we eat. If we feed our body with junk food, chemicals and drugs, we end up with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. Treat our body well with plenty of nutrients, and we will boost our body's natural defense against disease, including cancer.

I am switching back to juicing and watching what I put into my body. Time to clear the dust off my juicer and start juicing again...By the way, a juicer is different from a blender. Find out more about juicing from Jay Kordich, also known as the world's foremost expert on live juicing.

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