Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's Sunday morning as I am writing this. If you are in Singapore and have no plans for today, you might want to drop by at Suntec Convention Centre and check out "LIFE MATTERS" on Level 4. It's an event for active agers. I was curious enough to drop by yesterday.

Here are some photos I took to help you decide if it's worth spending a couple of hours there. Admission is free, and there are lots of free gifts and special offers if you bring along the coupons published in the Friday papers.

Some of the highlights include talks by medical professionals, estate planners and cooking demonstrations by master chefs.
Long queues for free health checks by practitioners of traditional Chinese health therapies..
A wide range of Chinese herbs to choose from for healing common ailments.
There's also a "Shoot for Life" photography competition...
as well as a "Fill this space" art competition for the best coffin design aka how you would want your casket decorated!
On my wish wish - a motorized bicycle. More models of motorized vehicles for the elderly at this e-bike booth. To view the complete range, go to
One of the finalists in the "Golden Voices" singing competition. Some of these old-timers can really sing! There's also a beauty pageant, K-pop dances and an open line dance session.
Nirvana Memorial Garden presented a documentary promoting their columbarium services. I must say it was an 8-minute visual experience that was both informative and impressive. I hesitated to ask about the cost - probably beyond the means of the average family. For more info, go to

After visiting "Life Matters", you can opt for a 180-degree change in mood at the adjacent venue where there's an electronic expo and a food fair. A 3-in-1 Sunday outing at Suntec Convention Centre. Well worth the three hours I spent there yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

About the Nirvana Memorial Garden thingy, I still believe that it's good practice that people, when still in good health and mobility should plan for their eventual "exit".
For me, it the day when I discover that I will have to depend on others for my every need in order to exist is the day.
Not only is it a big burden to others but it will also be very expensive to do so.
I have read about websites that promote "exit" strategies and some elderly folks who are still healthy and happy lauded the fact that they have the source to make a graceful exit and are happy about it.
Perhaps we Malaysians should not treat this subject as taboo and talk about such matters openly.