Friday, February 18, 2011


The headline says it all. (Source: ST 14 Feb)
Most children don't like old people, with the exception of their grandparents, of course. Neither do banks, and they show it by discriminating against retirees and pensioners who have problems applying for credit cards and housing loans.

Insurance companies also fall under the same category. They are reluctant to accept or renew policies for those above 60, unless the latter are prepared to pay higher premiums.

The latest group of people shunning the elderly are - maids! The current shortage of maids from Indonesia means that Filipino maids, especially those in Singapore, are able to dictate their terms of employment. And looking after frail old folks is certainly not something that appeals to them. (Pic: Not all elderly couples are as fortunate as this couple, both 86, who have maids to look after them. Source: ST)

Sad, isn't it, to be discriminated against because of old age.

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