Monday, February 14, 2011


True love of the 'Till Death Do Us Part' genre is getting extremely difficult to find these days. Which is ironic given the freedom we now enjoy to mix and mingle socially and marry whoever we want. Which is why I go all misty-eyed whenever I read stories of love and marriages that have stood the test of time.

For those of us not so lucky in love or marriage, is there still hope when we have already gone past the 60-year milestone of our lives?

"Never too late," Madam Tan Khin Lan, 70, will probably say. She married Mr Lim Hoo Ching, 81, a year ago at the AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens where they first met in 2004. Click here to read more.

Marriage at this age is more for companionship than for anything else, although thanks to a little blue pill and a bit of lube, sex is no longer considered a mission impossible.

There are many issues to consider that often deter an older couple from re-marrying. Adult children on both sides may not favour such a union. They may view their parent's new love interest as a threat to their inheritance and an affront to the memory of their departed mother or father.

Never too old for romance!
On a personal note, since my ex and I went our separate ways in 1976, I have been in a few relationships, the longest lasted five years. Obviously, none have worked out. Perhaps I am just too independent, and too lacking in the 'good-wife' attributes, whatever they may be.

I've long ago given up on finding someone who shares my interests AND who is available. I'm sure there's someone out there somewhere who feels the same way. Whether the two of us will ever link up is for God or Destiny to decide. I won't be losing sleep over it.
The message is loud and clear from those who have been through a bad marriage and are enjoying their new status as a single.
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