Wednesday, February 16, 2011


RapidKL's Bas Wanita - a boon for women commuters.
RapidKL has special buses for women only. Shopping malls provide free bus rides to and from LRT stations, school buses pick up children and drop them off at school, and community shuttle buses offer residents a convenient means of transport around the neighbourhood.

This free shuttle bus service is popular with Mont Kiara residents. There's also a mini-van service that plys the 1 Utama-Mont Kiara route at affordable fares.
These are just a few examples of transport services that cater to specific groups of people.
The free shuttle bus that I usually take from Bangsar LRT station to MidValley Mall.
Isn't it about time the Ministry of Transport or some private company come up with a transport service that caters to the needs of seniors? Not all seniors drive, especially those aged 70+. But they do need to go out and run errands, do some marketing, go for medical check-ups or simply enjoy a fun day out with friends.

An elderly-friendly bus that provides seniors with the means to ride safely and cheaply.
The answer lies in providing a door-to-door transport service for seniors who otherwise would have to remain home-bound. If the government has no interest, NGOs should step in to provide such services, with funds from big corporations under their CSR program. Mobility empowers the elderly, and encourages active ageing.

Check out Independent Transportation Network (ITN) America's innovative solution to the mobility problems of elderly seniors. They are more than happy for other organizations to copy their model. Any takers?

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