Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am aware many Malaysians are boycotting the local papers because of the alleged biased reporting. I don't read the local papers on a regular basis. Reason: I get heartburn from news indigestion. Know what I mean?

Here's a sample dose:

But the PM had earlier warned Malaysians: "Don't think that what is happening there must also happen in Malaysia. We will not allow it to happen here." Obviously the lesson has not been learned. It's ultimately the people who decide if they want to change the government, and how they want to do so.

RM1bil for each ship? Highly-marked up figures? This is 26%-870% above the cost of international-class vessels, claims DAP publicity chief Tony Pua.

Costs are justified. These are state-of-the-art littoral combat ships, says Naval Chief. Click here to read more of his 'justifications'.

Who is Malaysia combating on the high seas to warrant the purchase of these ships? Somali pirates in their weather-beaten boats?

RM268m will get us 7 offshore support vessels, 3 tugboats and 2 oil barges. Nothing state-of-the-art here, but perhaps more suited to our modest needs? 

Muslim couples be forewarned. Better play safe and eat at home on Valentine's Day even though you may be married with children. But Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad of PAS has since clarified that there will be no crackdown on Muslims celebrating Valentine’s Day. So, what about the 2005 fatwa???? No wonder Muslims are constantly 'confused'! (Source: The Sun)

A rare piece of good news. But it didn't last long. Already it has received mixed reactions. Click here to read more.

Ok, enough. Time to down some indigestion pills.

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Unknown said...

These headlines gave me indigestion too!