Friday, May 28, 2010


In a speech at a recent White House reception to mark 'Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month', US President Barack Obama praised the contribution of generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders "who have helped to build this country, defend this country and make America what it is today".

He went on to say they are "part of America's past but...also going to be part of America's future."

Now wouldn't it be nice to hear our PM express the same appreciation for the contributions of our pioneering fathers, regardless of whether they came from China, India, Indonesia, Borneo, Ceylon and elsewhere.

Today we, the descendants, are true-blue, bone fide citizens of Malaysia, born and bred in Malaysia. We should be accorded full citizenship rights and equal opportunities. No one should continue to label us 'pendatang' or 'immigrants'.

Indeed, it would be near impossible to find Malaysians who do not have some immigrant blood in them if they care to trace their ancestral roots back a few centuries. No Malaysian, politicians in particular, should have this holier-than-thou or I'm more-Malaysian-than-you attitude.


Starmandala said...

UMNO warlords think and behave like street dogs, always fighting over scrapsand growling at anyone who poses a threat, real or imaginary. A species, thankfully, on the verge of extinction, because their children and grandchildren will surely attain greater spiritual maturity!

Vicki Mabrey said...

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