Saturday, May 1, 2010


If you are 60+, retired and wondering if you might be too old to seek re-employment, you would be heartened to know that there are folks in their 70s and 80s who are still putting in a good day's work AND enjoying it.

Meet some of these older adults who are still passionate about what they are doing.
  • Prof Shanmugaratnam, 88, histopathologist - "I will work as long as I am able, as long as I am needed and as long as I have nothing better to do."
  • Mrs Teresa Jodhi, 74, midwife - "I never dread going to work. Never. Mothers are so happy when we give them their newborn baby. I also get to keep my relationships at work."
     Mr Seng Lee Fong, 82, and Mr Sani Mokjie, 64
     Mrs Nancy Goh, 71, and Mrs Herminia Ilano, 72
  • Mr Sani Mokjie, 64, chief inspector of posts - "I work to share my experience."
  • Mr Sin Leong, 83, Mr Hooi Kok Wai, 76, both master chefs - "Having responsibilities gives meaning to your life... When you work, your brain won't die. You won't get dementia."
  • Mrs Herminia Ilano, 72, cello teacher - "When you enjoy what you do, your body is not tired. Your calling doesn't stop when you are old."
  • Mrs Nancy Goh, 71, beautician - "It's a good idea to have a balanced life with work and also time to enjoy the fruits of my labour."
  • Mr Seng Lee Fong, 82, club bartender - "Meeting people, chatting with members keep me alert and active."
Not all young workers are thrilled with the government's legislation for the Re-employment of Older Workers. Perhaps they should look at the situation from a more positive point of view. They don't need to support their working parents!

Would adult children deny their parents the right to be happy, productive and financially independent?

(All photos and quotes from The Straits Times.)


Paul said...

My adage is "Hard work will not a person kill, but sheer idleness will."

Anonymous said...

I have just been re-employed and am looking forward to it.

When I retired it seemed good, but I got bored. I found that I missed contributing; missed the challenge, the purpose and direction work gave me, my co-workers, the daily structure.

BUT, I'm not renewing my career. This new work is on contract, will utilize certain skills I have, will give me some extra money to save or use; and since it is a job that depends on the computer, phone and fax my time is flexible; I can work at home or even when I go out of town to play. A few hours in the morning...voila, my recreation is more than paid for.

It's exciting to keep yourself challenged and interested as you age, IMHO.