Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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The History Channel recently screened all 10 episodes of "WORLD WAR II: LOST FILMS". What viewers get to see is actual footage from films shot on the battle frontlines during the WW2 years 1939-1945. These are first-hand accounts of the horrors of the war. Some of the images are so graphic they can make your stomach churn. Yet today there are world leaders who are hell-bent on waging war never mind the consequences. They are devils in disguise.

All war films and documentaries carry anti-war messages. The death toll and destruction is staggering. In the span of six years in WW2, an estimated 70 million people died, 67% were civilians.

(All images taken off History Channel.)

War of any kind, (and that includes civil war, genocide) is totally senseless and anyone who wages war for whatever reason is absolutely insane. Racial or religious tension can easily escalate into civil war, the same with political differences as happening in Bangkok right now.

Let us remain vigilant against any evil forces that seek to plant seeds of hatred. And let us also be mindful that perpetuating lies and racial discord is the same as stoking the flames of hatred. Before you know it, a small fire can grow into a conflagration that will ultimately consume us all, including the innocent.


Starmandala said...

Infinite blessings and thanks for this timely and powerful warning, my dear!

foodbin said...

and when when we see the sun shines from the bottom of the ocean it's too late