Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today I would like to pay tribute to all the women who may not be mothers in the conventional sense of the word, but who nevertheless are like mothers to hundreds and thousands of children everywhere. 

These are the unsung heroines who have chosen not to marry or have no children of their own. They have dedicated their lives to teaching children, looking after them when they are sick, minding them when their parents are at work, or simply being there for children who have lost their own mothers.

Mother Teresa was a mother of the highest order. She never married, but devoted her life to caring for sick, homeless and orphaned children. She was a true mother to them all.  

I have met many of these wonderful, selfless women who work tirelessly with children in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, or volunteer their services at community centres, churches and temples, orphanages, and welfare homes. I salute all of you and say a big THANK YOU for helping to take care of the children and for loving them like a mother would.

And to mothers everywhere, a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Two generations of mothers. My daughter Belle at her jumble sale stall to raise money for the Kachin refugee children. The annual event held on Mother's Day was organized by ibu, a family resource group.

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