Saturday, January 9, 2010


Right now I'm suffering from eye fatigue, a result of too much reading of small print on my pc screen and in the papers.

Ever since the furore broke on 31 Dec over the court's decision to allow the Catholic church to use the word "Allah" in their weekly newsletter Herald, there has been no end to the views expressed by Malaysians - from learned scholars like Dr Farish Noor to the humble taxi drivers that I have spoken to on the subject.

Click here if you want to read some comments from the Dayak community.

The very Name that some quarters of the Malaysian Muslim community seek to protect and safeguard from what they fear as possible misuse by non-Muslims in the country is now publicly used by all and sundry in print and online publications worldwide, in the blogosphere, on Youtube and even in cartoons.

So much for exclusivity. The irony of it all!


CheaHSan said...

I wonder how, I wonder why
True we all have been turning turning turning turning turning around
Well, nothing ever happens and I wonder
And everything will happen and you wonder
And I wonder, wonder..
Yesterday they told us 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just another empty promise..

bits & pieces from lyrics of 'Lemon Tree'

Anonymous said...

Oodles of irony. Best comment I've seen so far (made by a brother of an old friend):

"You know how they say the right word for the 'Christian God' is 'Tuhan'. Our Rukunegara says 'Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan', aren't they concerned that the muslims will get confused that everyone in Malaysia must believe in the 'Christian God'?"

- Min Yi.

Antares said...

Planting tender kisses on both eyelids..... rest them twinkly orbs, my dear! :-)

Pak Idrus said...

The happening in our midst are the works of sick people with evil in their heart and mind. They could never win. So take all these happening as a challenge that happens in real life and do not let them get into you and the family. Be strong and we would overcome it as we move forward. Remember Good always prevail over evil.

Anonymous said...

Using the word 'Allah' by other than Muslims must be backed by concrete evidence. I'm not siding with any party but this issue must not be handled with emotion like some shallow people. If the non-Muslims couldn't provide strong reasons on why they should call god 'Allah' then please stop incurring religious tension. similarly, the muslims also shouldn't act irrationally when the word Allah actually can be used by non-muslims. besides, Allah has other 98 names. why must dispute over this one?

Pak Idrus said...

Please understand the word Allah is not the name of the Muslim God. Islam does not believe in Deity. Believing in a deity is forbidden and syrik. The word Allah is an Arabic word that simply mean The God. Islam believe that there is The God. In Arabic it is Allah. The God has no name or form but it is there, so that is way Muslim is to say 'There is no God but God'.

Before the coming of Islam the Arab pray to so many deities so the Prophet made his followers not to believe in all the many deities but to believe in God. Just The God or in Arabic Al Lah.

Hope this would clear it up. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Regular break in between reading is the prescribed "cure".

Its simply taking a 20 sec break (by looking far away) every 20-30 mins of reading (PC screen/Laptop/paperwork).

Its something I advice all my patients.