Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've just received my certification as a Laughter Yoga leader of Dr Madan Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga.
What is Laughter Yoga? It's a "blend of yogic deep breathing, stretching, and laughter exercises that cultivate childlike playfulness". A typical laughter session lasts 30 minutes.
With natural disasters happening around us, and racial/religious tension simmering everywhere, this may not seem like the best of times to enjoy mirthful laughter. But perhaps that's exactly the medicine we need right now.

Indeed research reveals that children on average laugh 500 times a day, but adults only 18 times! Have we lost the ability to laugh, to feel good? Consider some of the many benefits of laughter:

~ it boosts the immune system

~ it is a natural pain killer

~ it energizes you

~ it relaxes you

~ it slows down the ageing process 

You can also practise laughter yoga to manage corporate stress and increase productivity. If only Parliament and Cabinet meetings started with a laughter yoga session! Laughter sessions have also been successfully introduced in hospitals, schools, senior citizens homes, prisons, factories and other workplaces. Below are video clips on Laughter Yoga from Discovery Channel and CNN.


 There is already a club in Johor Baru, and one in KL/PJ soon. Public laughter yoga sessions are conducted free of charge. World Laughter Day is celebrated on 2 May.

With Lee-Jean who was personally trained by Dr Kataria

Remember: You don't stop laughing when you grow old; you grow old when you stop laughing.



Hi! Laughter Yoga Leader Lily... Hohohahaha....I like your blog, so professionally done...Yes..Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

NOW can laugh : 8 arson suspects were arrested & the 1st ONE got badly burnt !!...hahahahaha !

foodbin said...

this post reminds me of last week dinner where a friend cracked jokes that made all of us laughed until our tummy ache but one guy laughed until he broke into tears-for eight times ! is it normal?

Anonymous said...

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CheaHSan said...

Laugh and the whole world laugh with you..great post. Thanks