Monday, January 25, 2010


Enjoy such pristine countryside while we can. It may not be here for long.

Remember the lyrics of Canned Heat's "Going up the country....Gotta leave this city, Gotta get away"? That was how I felt yesterday as my family and I took a respite from the heat, dust and pressure-cooker atmosphere of the urban jungle.

A mere hour's drive up north and we were already out in the countryside, feeling invigorated by the cool air, clear skies and clean mountain water.

Great place to meditate, reflect or just be one with nature.

My grandson, Max, getting acquainted with a newborn puppy.

(Top) For a kid, nothing beats splashing around in a mountain stream. (Above) Refilling my bottle with natural mineral water straight from the ground.

If it's been ages since you visited the small towns and villages, plan a trip soon. It'll be a nostalgic one for those of us baby-boomers who grew up in the backwaters where life was leisurely, people were friendly and a bowl of noodles cost only a dollar fifty.


foodbin said...

Yeah ! their opening song at the Woodstock music festival in 1969, my fave getaway is something like your back to nature photo-Kg Kuala Woh.

Antares said...

Always a treat to see you up here, my dear. Do make it a regular event! :-)

pinsysu said...

hi sister

where is this place u went? look so inviting ...

seniorsaloud said...

Get on any country road and you are bound to come across scenic spots e.g. the road to Ulu Yam. Nothing like going off the beaten track to rediscover the beauty of nature. Great for the soul.