Sunday, January 3, 2010


The new year started well with good news, but the past two days have been quite unsettling. Recent events have compelled me to put out this blog post.

Like the word 'love', the word 'friend' has degenerated into an overused and under-valued label loosely used by any Ah Chong, Aminah and Apu to falsely convey a relationship that probably does not exist in the first place.

Here is my definition of 'friend'. If you fit the bill, you are indeed a true friend. I would like to think that I am your true friend too.

A true friend

  • respects your right to dignity

  • knows when to be discreet

  • protects your good name and image

  • does not hold you up to ridicule or scorn, especially when you are not in a position to defend yourself

  • looks out for you, even when you don't expect it

  • knows when to step in , and when to stay out

  • supports you through all weather

  • holds your hand when you are afraid

  • stands up for you when others are attacking you

  • does not perpetrate lies about you or your loved ones

True friendship is measured not by the length of time you have known someone, but by the depth and strength of your bond with him or her.

In times of crisis, a true friend is like a candle in the dark. I thank God for the many true friends out there. Bless you all for your prayers and support even as the family faces another challenge ahead.

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