Monday, November 23, 2009


Alighting from the train at Malaga terminal.

Lynette, Peggy and I took the bus into Fuengirola yesterday, and from there the train to Malaga. All the along the bus route, at every stop, I saw only senior citizens boarding the bus. It was the same in town. It did make me wonder if Spain had an ageing population. It was only when we got to Malaga did we finally see young people hanging out at the mall.
Believe it or not, many of the city streets are lined with orange trees!

This morning we visited a market very similar to our pasar malam - lots of stalls selling clothes, snacks, shoes, watches, costume jewellry, handbags and toys. Leather is very popular here. With the cold season coming, many of the stalls were doing brisk business selling winter clothing.
Benches everywhere to rest your tired feet.

Incidentally, most shops are closed from 2.00pm to 5.00pm for siesta, and closed on Sundays too. Back home, businessmen would be counting their losses if they were to follow the working hours here in Spain!

I've never seen so many seniors all waiting for the bus.

It was interesting browsing through the knick-knacks and bric-a-brac at the market. Nobody bargains here. Shoppers have to be on the alert for pickpockets. One of the ladies had her purse stolen whilst browsing at a stall. We were later told that this happens quite often at crowded places.

On the bus to Fuengirola.

So far we haven't seen much variety of food like back in Malaysia. Sad to say, some of the people we had approached for directions were not very helpful. Some had an attitude problem. I hope it's to do with the language barrier, and is not the norm of the people here.

I love the nothing-can-stop-me spirit of the elderly in this city.

Not easy to decide when there's simply too many to choose from.

Tomorrow we are heading to Gilbraltar for a day trip. More updates after that.


Saw Yeng Keen said...

Just read about your trip to Spain. We go there ( malaga/Marbella annually at Christmas as my daughter's inlaws have migrated there to live from UK. you should make a trip to the mountain villages ( the inlaws live in Trabuco 45 mins drive from Malaga airport. There you will see many old folks and every day the church bell will ring out the age of a decease in the village. We love it in the village as it is very peaceful and the scenery is fab. If you have time pay a visit to the 'white villages'.Makes me feel at home looking at those pics. Have a lovely time in Gibraltar.

seniorsaloud said...

Thanks for the travel tip, Yeng Keen. You are right. The scenery here is spectacular, especially when one ventures out to the countryside. It's true, you see old folks everywhere. They are so independent unlike the old folks back home in Malaysia.