Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The year-end school holidays start this Saturday 21 Nov and ends 3 Jan 2010. If you are planning to make a trip down south to Singapore with your school-going children or grandchildren, and don't want to spend a bomb on air-fares, may I share my preferred mode of transport to Singapore?

Unless time is a factor, I usually take an express coach. Over the years I've tried Aeroline, Nice, First Coach, Transtar and Odyssey. My favourite remains First Coach for several reasons:

  1. Low fares - RM115 (return) KL to Singapore, RM45 KL to Singapore (one-way).
  2. Clean, spacious and comfortable with adjustable seats.
  3. Co-drivers.
  4. Courteous & friendly service.
  5. Online booking available.
  6. Choice of 6 trips daily.
  7. Centrally located terminals and offices.
  8. Choice of terminals - Bangsar or Bandar Utama.
  9. Change of travel dates allowed - at least 2 days before departure.
  10. Individual screen for video & audio entertainment.
  11. Light snack & bottle of drinking water on board. Also free hot beverages at terminals.
  12. Copies of The Star for reading.
The travel time of 5 hours may put off some people who would rather fly. But really, you save only one hour by plane. I spend the time listening to music or watching a movie or two. But mostly I read, reflect or cat-nap.
There's a 20-minute stop midway for passengers to grab a bite or take a leak. If you don't fancy the spicy food at the stalls, it's best to pack your own snacks.

Almost like a shopping mall with full facilities!
You can choose to eat....

or pick up some fresh local fruits....
or shop for handicrafts.
I've never seen public toilets in Malaysia looking this clean!
The rest stop at Pagoh.

The Christmas season has already started in Singapore. With the city streets all decked out in fancy lights and festive decorations, and with sales and special events everywhere, this is the best time to be in Singapore.


CheaHSan said...

Thanks very informative.

Antares said...

This endorsement ought to be worth 10 complimentary return trips on First Coach! Send them the link! :-)