Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ushering in the Christmas season along Orchard Road.

Thanks to the APEC Summit that's currently being held in Singapore, the Christmas lights along Orchard Road went up much earlier this year on Nov 7. For those unable to be here for the festive season, here are some photos that I took last night.

Looking across at Takashimaya.
Night traffic outside Wisma Atria.
TANGS is all decked out in dazzling gold.
Daddy, it's Fantasyland here!
Light bulbs dangling from trees.
Futuristic exterior of ION - Singapore's newest shopping mall.
The giant Christmas 'tree' outside ION.
Looking up inside the Christmas 'tree'. Awesome view!
Lights, shutterbugs and tourists EVERYWHERE!


Pak Idrus said...

Yes, our daughter who work in Singapore told her mom that.

Early because so many things are happening in Singapore now. Obama, Apec and the end of the year sale.

A great place to go shop. Have a nice day.

CheaHSan said...

Three words..Wow!Wow!Wow! Thanks..