Friday, November 27, 2009


Beautiful sunset along the Costa del Sol.

Wet, wet, wet. That pretty much describes our last day in Spain. Fortunately for us, we had planned to spend the day lazing around and enjoying the hotel facilities, so the day wasn't a total waste. Lynette and I checked out the gym and did an hour of stretching at the aerobics room. The instructor was so good-looking it was hard for the ladies to focus!

Time to say Adios to a lovely vacation in Spain.

View from the bus on the way to see the horse show.

Yesterday evening we caught the famous Andalusian horse show at El Ranchito in Torremolinos, Malaga. We had heard so much about it, but the show turned out to be one big yawn. Many in the audience kept looking at their watches, so I suppose I wasn't the only one disappointed with the show.

I felt really sorry for the poor horses who, I'm sure, were loathe to entertain tourists like us. Good thing for them the show is only once a week, and it was the last show of the tourist season.

The show package included dinner at Restaurante Romeral del Rocio. We were hungry and impatient to try our first Spanish dinner. If the horse show was boring, the dinner was a joke. We were served a bun (no butter), plain salad, tomato soup and a slice of cake for dessert. For the main course Lynette and Peggy had like three spoonsful of rice with raisins, some thin slices of potatoes and even thinner slices of pork covered in gooey sauce. Mine was worse as I had opted for vegetarian. My platter had five thin (1 mm?) slices of cheese in lieu of the pork.

Our smiles do NOT reflect the quality & quantity of the food served. Note the colourless platter.

To think that we paid 46 euros (that's RM230) each for the horse show and dinner. If not for the flamenco dancers, the evening would have been a total let-down.

The flamenco dancers saved the evening for us.

Pedro, our tour guide for Gibraltar and Granada, and Gabreilla, our guide for Alhambra.

Mary, a Filippina residing in Fuengirola, helped us with directions.

My nightly routine - blogging on my new netbook in our hotel apartment.

Well, our vacation in Spain has drawn to a close. The cold season has just started with rain and grey sky the whole of today. I'm looking forward to be back in hot and humid Malaysia.
Thanks, Belle, Moon, Ansgar and Marcus for making this dream vacation possible. Next stop in a week's time - PHUKET, THAILAND.


foodbin said...

that's a real rip off! for Spanish food.

Starmandala said...

Good layout and report! Hope to see you real soon :-) xox

CheaHSan said...

Oops sorry to know you got short changed for the meals and a letdown by the Andalusian horse show.