Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have often been asked why Chinese New Year is always celebrated with deafening loudness - firecrackers, drums, and incessant blaring of Chinese New Year songs at all shopping malls. Well, the Chinese believe the noise will chase away evil. Besides, what is a celebration without the sound of merry-making and gaiety?

The Chinese are very boisterous people when it comes to celebrations. Anyone attending a Chinese wedding dinner will be familiar with the 'Yam Seng' toast to the newly-weds. Simply put, Chinese people are LOUD even when they speak!

Here's a video that captures the spirit of Chinese New Year in Singapore's Chinatown. If only there was a running commentary, instead of the jarring singing in the background.

Here's one of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. All that glitters is gold, and edible too. Watch and find out.

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