Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Horse meat was in the news recently. Four weeks ago when it was discovered that some supermarkets in the UK were selling horse meat burgers as beef burgers, sales of frozen burgers have plunged 43%, according to The Guardian. Now in the latest news, horse meatballs have been found in IKEA food outlets. IKEA Singapore has temporarily withdrawn all meatballs sold at their premises till tests have been done to verify that their meat products are beef and pork sourced from Australia. But apparently in France, horse burgers can be found on restaurant menus, and nobody would balk at eating equine meat.

In Australia, rabbit stew is enjoyed by many while in the US, eyes would roll in horror at the mention of any rabbit dishes. In Korea and China, dog meat is a much sought-after specialty, but elsewhere in Asia, dog lovers believe that it is scandalous to eat dog meat and purveyors of dog meat should be prosecuted.

All this goes to show that one man's meat is another man's poison. Thank goodness there is no such controversy regarding different kinds of vegetables or fruits!

Yes, I am an advocate of vegetarianism although I can only call myself a prescatarian working towards becoming a vegetarian. I still eat fish and prawns.

Most folks seem to think that vegetarians are weak and under-nourished because they survive only on vegetables, fruits and nuts. Well, nothing could be further from the truth judging from these pictures of celebrities who are vegetarians. They radiate glowing health.

Vegetarians who look pale, listless and skeletal are probably going it the wrong way, like removing all meat without replacing it with plant-based equivalents that are tasty, nutritious as well as nourishing. Just go to the cookbook section of any bookstore, and you will see the wide array of books with thousands of recipes for salads and vegetable dishes that would make you drool!

You would think twice about eating meat when you see how animals are tortured before they are slaughtered to become food on our tables.

Whether it's for health, religious or humane reasons, more people are switching to a vegetarian diet. It does make more sense. Why would doctors advise heart patients to reduce their intake of meat, especially red meat?

After a quadruple heart bypass in 2004, former US President Bill Clinton turned vegan. From a love for burgers, steaks and barbecues, he now avoids meat, dairy products and eggs. His new diet has also helped him lose weight. He looks great and is in much better shape than he has ever been.

For those who can't give up their satay, char-siew and beef rendang (above), but can't see themselves turning vegetarian for life, perhaps there is another option. Practice meat-free days and stick with it. Many people already do this for religious reasons. But one day a week isn't enough. Try eating meat only on weekends or on alternate days.

Once you get used to it, you might find it easier to switch to a full vegetarian diet, and later move on to a vegan diet if you want. Most vegetarians will tell you they don't miss eating meat. I have not had satay, fried chicken wings or sausage since June 2008. Do I hanker for a bite? Nope!

So, why not give vegetarianism a try? Say 'Yes' to one meatless day a week. That would be a good start.

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