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A typical Granny Pod. There are variations, of course. (Source: The Times)

With the world population rapidly ageing, and with baby boomers demanding better options for housing when they retire, innovative ideas for elder housing have sprung up in the USA and elsewhere.

One such housing option is the Medcottage or more popularly referred to as the 'Granny Pod'. Here's how the idea first began...

Now for a look inside the granny pod.

The concept of Granny pods is really not that revolutionary. I recall back in the 1980s, one of my many cousins had a self-contained annex built in his backyard for his elderly parents. It had a bedroom, a sitting room, bath and toilet, and a small kitchen. Electricity, water and phone line were linked to the main house. My cousin's live-in maid did all the cooking and family meals were served in the main house. His parents helped babysit the children when he and his wife were at work. It was the perfect solution to parent-care and childcare.

From PALS website
Of course, this situation worked as long as his parents remained active and independent. But when they got on in years, and required assistance with daily living, they had to move into the main house.

The major difference between a granny pod and my cousin's backyard annex for his elderly parents is that the former is portable, and apparently can be set up in four days! Think of it as a giant container that you could lift with a crane and move to wherever you want to place it.

Will granny pods take off? What do you think?

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Mary Langley said...

This "granny pod" or MEDcottage is very promising and a great alternative to seniors who have close family ties. I really feel for those seniors who have no choice but to move to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and live each day of their lives away from their loved ones. With this type of home that you can simply arrange to be placed in your own backyard, seniors will feel more at home and they will feel more loved and less neglected. Emotions actually play a very vital role on how seniors cope with their condition or diseases. Since they are close to their family and they are getting all the love and support they need, they will surely live a more positive life and thus it's much easier to take care of them. However, despite the fact that these homes have monitoring systems and the structure itself is safe for the elderly, interested individuals should also consider getting additional help or security such as hiring a caregiver or home health professional for their loved ones. Handling these expenses wouldn't be a problem if the elderly has long term care coverage but if not they need to shoulder the expenses of both the granny pod and skilled caregiver straight from their pockets. But this scenario can be dodged by early retirement planning and by purchasing an insurance that can handle this type of expenses. Click here for John Hancock ltci costs.

Unknown said...

I think assisted living is not bad for elderly people.
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