Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yesterday I had one of the best Chinese vegetarian meals ever, and I would be most selfish if I didn't share it here on Seniorsaloud. One of the best kept secrets although I've been told this place has been around for decades. One of the volunteers there asked me to help publicize the food centre. My pleasure!

Best time to be there - before 11.30am. You avoid the lunch time crowd
and the long queues at the cashiers.

The scene at 12pm. Difficult to find a seat unless you are alone. Diners have to clear
their plates and glasses after eating. The staff here are all volunteers.
A vegetarian's paradise! I gave up counting the number of dishes after 40.

A feast for the eyes and stomach, but only if you are a vegetarian. There's
noodles, rojak, salad, etc, too. But the mixed rice stall drew the longest queue.

My modest lunch selection inclusive of clear vegetable soup, dessert of chiku, pineapple,
and a bowl of sweet green beans, a glass of tea plus two cookies for take-away. All for Rm8.
The daily menu at a glance. Breakfast is free but you will have to be there early.
After lunch, walking out along the landscaped garden lined with bamboo. 
Pausing to take in the beauty of the rock garden and mini-waterfall.
And out to busy Jalan Ampang. Would you believe the food centre is
behind this ornate temple just a stone's throw from KLCC?
So now you know where to go for your next vegetarian meal, do spread the word. All for a good cause.


Anonymous said...

Hi, tried imagining which part of Jalan Ampang and got nowhere! Could you please provide more specific landmark or if possible GPS coordinates? Would love to pay a visit to the place.

el-f said...

The temple is directly opposite Corus Hotel along Jalan Ampang. It's on the same side as KLCC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Just the landmark I needed. Will pay a visit soonest possible.