Tuesday, November 15, 2011


If you can't get hold of a copy of the book 'Seks Islam' (Islamic Sex Guide), not to worry. The book has been banned here in Malaysia. But here's a Youtube video that sheds some light as to what Islamic sex is all about, at least according to Obedient Wives Club national chairman Fauziah Ariffin.

However, not all Muslim women in Malaysia subscribe to the teachings in the book. "OWC's teachings are an insult to Islam", says Ratna Osman of Sister-in-Islam.

Hatijah Aam, 57, founder of the OWC, and one of the wives of the late Al-Arqam founder Ashaari Muhammad who is featured on the cover of the controversial book, shares some insights on OWC's interpretation of Islamic sex.
  • If your spirit is pure you can have sex with your wife even though you are abroad fighting a war.
  • God allows sex sports. And to be good in sex you need practice.
  • Orgasm releases a pain killer and helps with fever. But don’t have affairs on the pretext of curing your fever.
  • Orgasm prevents wrinkles.
  • Sex can make you younger. Jogging can be replaced by “sexcercise”.
  • Only animals have sex without mukadimah (foreplay).
  • It is important for a woman’s breasts to be sucked in order to prevent breast cancer (quoting a BBC news report).
(Extracted from the article "Taking Sex to the PhD-level" in The Star.)

While the women are embroiled in the controversy, the men are generally quite happy to remain on the sidelines. As long as they are permitted to marry four wives and everyone of the wives pledges obedience to their husband, and do their best to satisfy his sexual needs, what is there for them to complain about?

It's still very much a man's world out there. If members of the Obedient Wives Club take joy in being subservient to their husbands, why should the rest of us condemn them and deny them this pleasure? If the husband is happy, and all his wives are just as happy, then there's all to it. Isn't that what matters? Better than being in a monogamous marriage where neither party finds fulfilment in each other, and the only option left is divorce. But, to each her own.

Footnote: The title of the banned book is Seks Islam, Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia. This translates into Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World. What is the link between Jews and Islamic sex? Why the use of the word 'return'? Did the Jews hijack Islamic sex? 
These instructions would fit nicely in OWC's guidelines on how to please their husband.


Freda said...

I am aghast, upset, disappointed and disheartened at the misogyny inherent in these texts. They make me as sad as I was as a girl of eleven, when I realised that the females were second class citizens. Cannot even find the strength to laugh it off.

Starmandala said...

I was surprised to read some of the excerpts from Hatijah Aam's Islamic sex manual. Seems to me what she learned from her late husband Ashaari was a species of tantra - but from a patriarchal viewpoint favoring the male as the Central Sun around which orbit any number of female satellites. The opposite holds true, of course, and you may choose to perceive the Central Sun as a Goddess figure around which male planets orbit. Ultimately, humans practise different forms of polygamy - though it's usual to find cases of serial polygamy in which one has a series of spouses, rather than being married to them all at once. In the case of radial polygamy, the central figure (whether male or female) must necessarily have a powerful energy field to be able to hold several satellites in harmonious orbit while neutralizing primitive territorial programs.

It's nobody's business how humans conduct their love affairs as long as no coercion is involved. Hatijah Aam's idea that "Jewish sex" has misled humanity is actually not too far from the truth. What she probably means by "Jewish sex" is the sort of mechanical, soulless sex we see in pornography - and, let's face it, the Jews are a dominant force in the porn and sex slave industries. It's safe to say that in America at least 90% of all porn produced is by the Jewish mafia. That's what I think Hatijah Aam means - her sex manual is an attempt to reintroduce an element of the sacred back into human sexuality.

Some may find it odd that I appear to be defending Hatijah Aam and the Obedient Wives Club. From the nasty comments I've seen on news portals and blogs, I am most certainly horrified by the ignorance, prejudice and herd mentality of most people when it comes to anything even slightly alien to their own culture or lack thereof.

Nobody is required to read Hatijah's book or adhere to her advice - so why can't she be allowed to expound her own beliefs and preferences openly without being ridiculed to death? The knee-jerk lynch mob reactions of so-called anti-Islamist liberals is far more abominable to my mind than anything Hatijah Aam preaches.

Joe said...

This is what marriage has always been, it was only recently in the west that we reworked the institution to be a vehicle for male slavery.

In fact we have very much the opposite here with 90% of women initiating divorce because our system makes it very difficult for men in America (you can argue that it's only women who are unhappy if you want, but that's openly sexist and male bashing). We also have custody and child support laws that discriminate against men. Beyond that we have well intentioned laws that incentive impoverished girls using pregnancy as a means to receive government subsidies. Not to mention that the middle class women in america do not have the option to be a stay at home mother. They once did but that choice was taken from them, they now only have the choice to be a tax paying cash cow for the american economy, (whist being urged to use day care by feminists).

It is men that are second class citizens in the west. Just this month I watched a female basketball coach walk right through into the male change room at my university. After I complained, everyone just laughed. This is your america and it's the most terrible thing in the world for most men.

If I can I want to join this club and have a chance at a real family.

P.S. In america today more women domestically abuse men than the other way around. There is zero concern for men in america. We die about 8 years earlier women, we suffer more than 70 % of job related deaths, we account for more than 90% of suicides....and in america no one cares... whats important is the few Islamic girl who made a free choice to make her husband happy. Good thing you girls have your priorities strait! You should be ashamed to look down on these people.