Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eeewww! So gross!
Why does society practise age discrimination when it comes to older couples openly demonstrating their affection? What’s so distasteful about an elderly couple holding hands or even smooching in public?

Why do young people find it embarrassing to see open display of love in older couples, even when it's their parents? How is it that being young and in love is considered natural, but being old and romantic is frowned upon and regarded as foolish and disrespectful, especially in Asian societies?

Newly-weds Paul McCartney, 69, and Nancy Shevell, 51.
People in love often act like teenagers, but what’s wrong with that? Love isn’t easy to come by, especially when we are in our 50s or 60s. We would be so lucky to find someone who reciprocates our feelings. Can anyone blame us for losing our heads and acting silly with our new-found love? We can't help wanting to be physically close. Should we even care if other people view such intimacy as absolutely disgusting?

It was heartwarming to see this elderly couple walking hand in hand, looking out for each other on the busy road.
Isn't it sad that the world embraces young lovers, but not old lovebirds?
Oh, to be young and in love again!

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