Friday, August 19, 2011


All quiet at McCarran Airport.
It's my first visit to Las Vegas, and probably my last. I doubt I want to be back here again unless I get an all-expense paid vacation, plus an extra couple of hundred  bucks just for tipping.

Yep, that's what spoiled my first two days here - everyone expects you to tip them, from the cab driver to the hotel porter to the chambermaid. One cab driver even had the audacity to tell me he was deducting his tip before giving me my change.

Here's a pictorial account of my first impressions of Las Vegas.
It would be rare to find workers of his age employed at our airports, especially handling heavy luggage at the check-in counters.

 One of the posters that greet visitors at the airport.
Shopping convenience at the press of a button - a vending machine for electronic gadgets, from the latest iphones to cameras.
An ad that caught my eye.

First time I see so many slot machines at an airport. There must be hundreds of them everywhere you look.

 You know you are in Vegas when you see ads like this...

or this...
... and this. Anything to draw folks inside. Competition is extremely fierce among the casinos.
Bally's where I'm staying.

It's a decent hotel, but charges indecent prices for food. Would you pay USD46.50 (RM140) for this room service breakfast of pancake, cinnamon rolls, hash browns, toast, egg and bacon?

This hotel not only charges tax, but also gratuity and tip!
Haven't had the chance to check out the city attractions yet. In case you are wondering, I'm in the city to attend the 4-day Toastmasters International Convention.

More updates to follow...


auntharles said...

duhling, enjoyed your stay there?

Anonymous said...

actually it's LOSS Vegas : whoever goes in ...loss ALL !!

Gentings =.... sure die la !