Saturday, July 9, 2011


The show of might vs unarmed protesters who only want clean and fair elections.  What's so wrong about that? (Front page of the Star 9 July)
 * Things you need to bring / prepare *

1. MyKad, driver's license, one ATM card only.

2. Maximum RM100 only.

3. Appropriate clothing, pants, T-shirt / shirt color yellow, preferably with Bersih 2.0 logo

4. MUST wear shoes.

5. Accessories – campaign buttons, caps, arm bands, small flags, banners and placard that has the logo “Clean Elections”.

6. The Malaysia flag or the respective state flags.

7. Mineral water, some snacks and sweets.

8. A bit of salt. It is important to eat a little (not rub the face) for the return of energy, especially if the water from the Water Police Canon spray or tear gas hurts your eyes.

9. Toothpaste to apply under the eyes to reduce the effects of tear gas.

10. Wet cloth to cover the eyes and nose to avoid the tear gas.

11. Wear surgical masks * N100 Respirators, N95 Respirators * and * Surgical facemask * to avoid inhalation of excessive tear gas.

12. If you have asthma or allergies please bring your own inhalers or medication.

13. Please bring a small garbage bag to avoid littering everywhere.

14. Bring pen and paper (mini note pad) to record the name and number of any policeman who manhandles you.

15. Bring camera, video cam or phone camera to record the situation. Pictures or video clips can be sent to us after the assembly. Email them to the Secretary Bersih 2.0.

16. Bring plastic bags to store your electronic devices when attacked by a "water cannon".

Bersih rally in 2007

* What is not allowed *

1. Don’t carry your student matriculation card or your staff pass.

2. Don’t carry too much money or credit cards.

3. Don’t wear sandals or high heels.

4. Don’t carry any banner, placard, flag that has nothing to do with the demands of Bersih 2.0.

5. Don’t bring any sharp objects except a pen.

6. Don’t bring materials that can be explosive or flammable, such as matches, molotov cocktails and firecrackers.

7. Don’t carry any weapons whether real or toys, such as sticks, iron bars, and firearms.

12.Don’t bring children aged 10 years and below to avoid any problems.

* Things you need to do before assembly *

1.Check the necessary equipment to carry.

2.Don’t eat or drink too much before the rally.

3.Pray before entering the assembly, according to your religion.

4.Lock the house and leave important messages for the family or neighbours.

5. Inform them of your plans.

6. Inform your friends and have their contact numbers with you.

7. Remember to charge your mobile phone and camera batteries.

8. Know the direction to Merdeka Stadium.

9. Be sure to come early to avoid traffic jams and long queues at ticket counters.

10.Come in groups, not alone.

If you are prevented from entering the city center you can park and walk to the stadium. For more guidelines, click here.

In case of emergency and arrest, call BERSIH HOTLINE 013-2102002 or Legal Aid O3-26913005 or 03-55107007. A lawyer will provide assistance.

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