Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ladies, forget about all the Swan Lake performances you have seen before. This version featured below takes the ballet classic to new heights. Enjoy!

Gentlemen, if the fine arts is not your cup of tea, this video below is for you. It was forwarded to Seniorsaloud by a guy, so you will probably enjoy this one better. I guarantee you will chuckle over it.


Unknown said...

Ha ha, so funny!

Anonymous said...

i never shave down south one !! (oio)

Anonymous said...

Stiffen chow : this is nothing lah !
(pls watch his movies about eunuchs).

Anonymous said...

anon6.06pm , FYI : he is Stephen Chow & bukan Stiffen Chow , ok !!?
( Fan-club mouth-piece)

Anonymous said...

mine used to point Northwards but NOW always down south , sighs !