Thursday, September 23, 2010


The auditorium at AUTORR.
(Photo taken in Feb 2009.)
I was conducting a workshop session yesterday when I noticed Lin Chua among the participants. Later, as I listened to her share about her passion and mission in life, I couldn't help marveling at this icon of a woman who continues to give so much of herself to "building a bridge of love between the very old and the very young".

To give the background of AUTORR is to tell the story of one courageous woman with a big heart and an even bigger vision, who donated 4 acres of prime land back in 2004 to build a RM7million centre where senior citizens could network, acquire new skills and knowledge, and discover a new joie de vivre.

I first met Lin Chua last February 2009. I had read a piece in the Star about her AUTORR Foundation and was eager to learn more. She graciously consented to an interview for Seniorsaloud. I ended up not only touring the AUTORR site, but also lunching with her. I came away impressed by the work she had done and the cause she was championing.

Click here to read my write-up of the 2009 visit and view pictures of the AUTORR Centre.

Now almost two years since that meeting, the AUTORR Foundation centre is about ready to open its doors to the public. Lin Chua is appealing for volunteers to help out with their on-going fund-raising campaign and also with their programme of activities at the foundation.

If you are able to provide training or give talks in the areas listed below, please email Seniorsaloud at We will get in touch with you.

  • parenting / grandparenting skills
  • counselling for the elderly
  • family values
  • motivation
  • mentoring
  • yoga / tai-chi / qigong / others
  • handicrafts and hobbies (e.g. bonsai gardening, cooking, painting)
  • mental health
  • nutrition and wellness
  • money management
  • meditation
  • others
Please help in whatever way you can to get AUTORR started on a firm footing. Lin Chua has already given so much of herself to helping retirees and the elderly, the least we can do is give her our support.

Giving not only adds value to someone else's life, but more importantly, to ours as well.

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Anonymous said...

i wish IPOH one generous man who wanted to donate 30juta to Utar BUT got rejected could read this ! (iwc)