Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I don't know why none of the local mainstream media carried this. Click here to read the Straits Times article. Lots of places where you can punch holes in what Dr M says. Too many "IFs", and not enough facts. But then again, even when all the facts are present, he is still capable of turning them into fiction. Remember when he grabbed world headlines with this claim below?

Most of the quotes in the ST article were taken from Dr M's blog Chedet. Click here to read the full text. I shall leave readers to draw their own conclusion as to which Grand Old Man is telling the truth, and which one is telling stories. Or are both guilty of some memory lapses?

"Amnesia is permissible, but trying to claim that it is because Singapore had been 'turfed out' for the present racist politics in Malaysia is simply not supported by facts of history." ~ Dr M.

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Canada Pharmacy said...

I have also read the same newspaper. They are putting allegations on the Malaysia about the racists. But may be they are not.