Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A lot of buzz has been generated about the next elections coming up sooner than expected. If you want change, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Your vote is your voice. A silent majority is powerless. But when that silent majority use their votes to speak out, their combined voices can be deafening. It can move mountains and remove governments.

If you haven't registered as a voter, find out where you can do so here. If you want to volunteer to help register new voters, or start your own registration booth, find out how here.

What sort of government do we want in Malaysia? Where can we find the right people to head the various ministries? We don't have to look far for some ideas. Singapore celebrated its 45th National Day on 9 August. For the record, Singapore opted out of Malaysia in 1965.  Since then, the island nation has been registering phenomenal growth, achieving 17.9% GDP growth in the first half of this year. Unemployment is low.

Says former Singapore PM Lee Kuan Yew at a recent National Day dinner:

'To build such a Singapore, we need an exceptionally strong Government, with the ablest, the toughest and most dedicated of leaders. We head-hunt for them, test them out in heavy responsibilities.'

Admire him or detest him, it's the results that count. Today 45 years after separation from Malaysia, Singapore boasts a vibrant economy while the Malaysian rakyat is still smarting over the hundreds of billions of  ringgit gone missing and unaccounted for from the public coffers. (Image from ChannelNewsAsia)

And what contributes to a vibrant economy? His response:
  • First, leaders of high integrity who have the people's trust and confidence.
  • Second, meritocracy, where everyone can get to the top as political leaders, MPs, (in) the civil service and statutory boards. People get to where they are on merit: not guanxi (connections), not nepotism, not corruption. Hence, all are capable and competent.
  • Third, there is a level playing field for all, where 'no one is disadvantaged by our national policies whatever their race, language or religion.
  • Fourth, the use of English as the working language has made Singapore the business and banking hub it is today. 
Singapore pays top dollar to get the best people for the government. If we pay peanuts, we will only get monkeys who are always up to mischief and hanky-panky, who have little clue how to lead, and who have no vision at all beyond the dollar signs in their eyes.

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