Tuesday, August 31, 2010


RHB print ad

Am writing this on the express bus somewhere along the north-south highway to Singapore. Just finished browsing the papers. Today being Merdeka Day, there's plenty of print ads celebrating Malaysia's 53rd National Day.

 Proton print ad

What struck me as rather peculiar about the ads is that except for one, all of them feature children. Makes me wonder if there's a problem creating an ad around adult Malaysians celebrating our independence. Perhaps children best represent the true Merdeka generation? Hmm...

Astro print ad

Anyway, my favourite Merdeka photo in today's special edition of the Star is this one below. To me, that's the true Merdeka generation. And I am proud to stand up and be counted. That was a generation of Malaysians that studied together, worked together and played together - in genuine harmony.

All images from The Star 31 August 2010 

Those were truly the good old days. But I am optimistic those days are not all gone, and there will be better days on the horizon with the new generation.


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