Saturday, August 14, 2010


This being the month of our country's independence, there will be festivities galore lined up to celebrate our 53rd National Day on 31 August. From tomorrow till 16 September Astro will be screening over 150 programs all touting the beauty of the country and the rich cultural diversity of its people. An annual PR showcase designed to make every citizen proud to be Malaysian, and every tourist eager to visit the country.

With just two weeks to go, I still haven't got into that celebratory mood. I doubt I will. Nor do I see much evidence of it around me. Really, what is there to celebrate? I'd rather celebrate life. The old-timers among us will remember National Days in the 1960s and 70s when everyone would get excited knowing that Hari Kebangsaan was around the corner.

Ah, those were the days. I recall spending the entire morning glued to the TV screen watching with pride the National Day parade. Later in the evening I would drive my children all the way to Merdeka Square to catch the floats procession.

This PR was moved to tears at the Singapore National Day Parade on 9 August. How many Malaysians will be similarly moved at our National Day parade? (Click on image to enlarge).

I have a good idea what I'll NOT be doing this National Day. I love my country Malaysia, and always will. But I cringe with shame and anger at what the politicians have done to our beloved country. They have raped and pillaged our country, AND getting away with it. They have divided the people and sown seeds of mistrust and disharmony.

I have vowed not to fly the Malaysian flag from my balcony until there's a change in the government. It will remain folded in my cupboard till we have a cabinet of ministers that knows how to govern, lead and listen. Hopefully that will come with the next election, and with our votes.

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Lee said...

Hello Lily, I was fooling around looking for old pics of Penang came across your blog.
Re 'Senior citizens'.
I retired several years ago, and today living a Monasterial lifestyle any Bangkok Wat would love have me as a novice monk.

I enjoyed your eloquent postings, have gone thru a few, will gostan back when free. Anyway, I stopped reading the papers the day I retired, and my blood pressure improved almost immediately.

Until then, you stay young, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.