Saturday, February 20, 2010


The movie (left) and the good doctor himself.

Remember the movie "Patch Adams"? When I first saw it a decade ago, I couldn't believe Robin Williams' character was based on a real life medical doctor. No way. Doctors don't clown around. They are serious, no-nonsense people, incapable of smiling. They have to be - they deal with sickness, disease and death 24/7. These are no laughing matters.

But Dr Patch Adams, who turns 65 this year, is not your typical doctor.

Last October I was thrilled when I heard that he would be speaking at the "Live and Inspire" conference in Kuala Lumpur. Finally I would get to see him, and perhaps he would sign my copy of his book "Gesundheit!" It never happened. Why, I don't know. Malaysians missed out on a chance to hear a living legend share his inspiring message of love and laughter, and of healing.

Last month I rediscovered Dr Patch Adams when I signed up for the certification Laughter Yoga leadership programme. I am now a firm believer in the power of laughter, love and joy to heal not just sickness, but more importantly, to heal the global ills affecting us.

Here's a MUST-SEE interview with Dr Adams in Milan. His interviewer should be fired though.

Here's Part II of the interview.

Dr Patch Adams travels the world to spread his message and to raise funds for his free hospital in West Virginia. Find out more here.


Magician said...

Ah, I watched that movie years ago too, and didn't know it is based on a real life doctor.
Thanks for sharing!

seniorsaloud said...

You are welcome. Do share the video with your friends so they can listen to Dr Adams' message too. Enough of war, violence and greed. Time for love, laughter and healing.