Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The front page of the Star on 5 Oct 2009. Click on the image to enlarge.

I'm glad the Star exposed the Live Blood Analysis (LBA) scam on the front page yesterday. I know many people (yours truly among them) who have been duped into buying expensive supplements based on the results of their LBA.

Apparently, thousands of gullible folks have fallen victim to this scam for the past TEN years!

I remember three years ago, I was offered a free LBA by a wellness centre at an up-market shopping mall. They took a drop of my blood for analysis. Within minutes the results showed that I had what seemed to me like 1001 health problems! I was made to feel like my body was going to die on me soon unless I took their miracle supplements.

Not wanting to die a premature death, I paid RM400 for two tins of a nutritional beverage. After a week drinking the powder stuff, I was constipated! When I complained, I was told that it was my body reacting to the side effects, and that it was 'normal'. After another week of no-show from my bowels, I threw away the rest of the stuff and swore never again to be swayed by anyone promoting wonder drugs.

But don't believe what I say. This is only my personal experience. We all react differently to health supplements as our body and state of health are different. I am sure there are genuine supplements out there that do what they are supposed to do. You'll need all the luck to find them. To each his own, or as they say, one man's poison is another man's cure.

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CheaHSan said...

Same here but I was not taken in as I have a prejudice refuse buy any of their stuff. Also I just wanted a 'fun' test on my blood not serious about it.

Unknown said...

You are not alone. See:


Be safe, LWW

Unknown said...

By the way, be careful of a guy named Stallion Chan. He is not a real doctor, but he goes around calling himself "Dr" and giving fraudulent treatments such as LBA and fake treatments for cancer. See:



More articles on the LBA scam:

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Come down hard on LBA scammers: Consumer bodies:

Beware of scammers:

KC Cham said...

You can talk anything you want, BUT
please respect those invention and recognition.

I just want to give an advice to all people, everything come with a price tag. No free meal in this world.

I think they should rephrase the word, Live Blood Analysis is a test to analyze not diagnose.
Leave it to the professional scientist and nutrionist to argue,debate and prove it.

For sure,If you don't take care of your health, you are forced to take care your own health in the future. I personally think that LBA is a good stuff, I enjoyed the improvement, not by the so called "Sinseh" but with my self understanding and belief.

Unknown said...

Cham, don't be a gullible fool. Read the star articles linked above. DG of Ministry of Health and Malaysian Medical Association president all say LBA is a scam. Even BN government (Gerakan) wants action taken against those practicing LBA. Also see:




The guy who invented the LBA microscope, Robert W. Bradford, has a history of fraud and is not a real doctor. He was recently charged for fraud in December 2008 related to his LBA microscope.

Cham, you are not a doctor. And yet you are trying to say that MoH and MMA are wrong? Why are you supporting LBA when all the medical authorities have publicly said that it is a scam?

Unknown said...

As I research LBA and read what unhealthy people are led to believe - I am shocked. The "sheeple" trust opinions that have been coerced or purchased by those whom benefit from sick people with sick minds. Not all participants of holistic medicine are genuine or educated - just as a many medical doctors are not intelligent or concerned with healing.One needn't have a medical degree to question the findings of doctors who dare not educate before medicating. Talk of a "real" doctor is silly when you learn what "doctor" means.
I am an advocate of Live Blood Cell Analysis. However, I am certain that all things sold in Health/Herbal stores are not natural, holistic or innocuous.

Yaseng said...

I live in California. My friend is a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and just finished a 4-day training in LBA. I will be one of the guinea pigs...and don't know what to make of it all. I have surfed the www and it's easier to conclude that it's "hokum" or hocus pokus. But I also read entries from those who practiced LBA or know enough about darkfield microscopy which made me think that CHAM has a good point: LBA has some value for looking at the general health of a person, as a kid of feedback service during the course of a treatment plan, but not as a diagnostic tool. That is where many practitioners of LBA seem to have gone wrong: they diagnose and prescribe/sell "therapeutic" supplements. Nutrient-rich foods, regular exercise especially outdoors, surrounding oneself with positive people and influences, staying involved with the community and/or spiritual center, and so forth are the ticket to wellness. Supplements are often not the answer. Most of the world knows your food is your medicine, and your medicine is your food. We in North America, and those adopting the American diet and fast food ways (and its attendant health problems), are barely heeding this ancient wisdom. Let your food be your medicine. Be well.

Yaseng Yann, Licensed Acupuncturist

Anonymous said...

Well it must be true if they wrote about it in a tabloid! Look behind the curtain a little, see who owns the media and look at their connections then you'll understand why they want you to believe their lies. Since when does a tabloid newspaper report truth?

Anonymous said...

I think LBA is amazing, I have seen peoples lives change in front of my eyes, By having a better understanding of what there lifestyles are doing to the health. Unless youve been for a test dont condemn it.

Anonymous said...

I went for a LBA and I was told that I was one of the very few that had healthy blood and needed no supplements. I was glad to hear it. When I was in reception I met a woman who had come in for one of her follow up appointments and she said that LBA had changed her life. Interesting...

MaxPerformance said...

I work with amateur and professional athletes and use qualified lba reps to merely show any physical change in general red blood cell condition after taking specialized performance nutritional supplements. LBA is a good way of just visually looking at the condition of the blood and its ability to transport oxygen or looking at indicators of free radical load or if you have parasites. It not however a means of diagnosing and specific condition.

Anonymous said...

I did a LBA about 3 years ago and can say without doubt that it completely changed my life. I had Irritable Bowel syndrome and had just passed a kidney stone before I went for a live blood test and when the microscopist looked at my blood he showed me everything that was wrong in my blood. He recommended to add nutritional supplements, so a bowel and liver cleanse, get more exercise, hydrate my body and stop eating junk food. It's all pretty common sense stuff but without seeing the problems in my own blood I probably never would have made the changes. Live Blood Analysis is not a magic bullet or a magic cure but it is very effective at showing some issues that are going on within your body and how those issues can be resolved. As far as the supplements go....obviously if someone is not getting the proper nutrition through their diet then they need to supplement it. Above all else I learned you need to ALKALIZE YOUR BODY! This is the key to good health as an acidic body through diet, stress, toxins etc causes an acidic condition in your body which eventually leads to disease. You don't cure a disease by giving someone another toxic chemical known as pharmaceutical drugs to fix their condition you get to the underlying cause of the disease and fix that. Oh by the way, go to google and type in "3rd leading cause of death" and the 5th thing that pops up is Dr. Mercola reporting that Doctors combined with properly prescribed prescription drugs make up the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. You can keep your Doctors and your drugs....I'll go the Live Blood Analysis and Natural/Holistic route to keep myself from getting sick or curing whatever ailment I may get in the future. Don't listen to any joker that tells you LBA doesn't work since they are probably part of the propaganda machine working for Big Pharma companies that continue killing innocent people and raking in the profits!!!

Suriya said...

just attended a live blood analysis course and it is not hokum but it can be under unscrupulous hands. One can use it to guide treatment and monitor progress. It is a tool which can be used an abused. I am medically trained in conventional as well as complementary modalities and believe that the most important prerequisite of a medical professional is ethics and expertise in the field practised

lazur said...

As in any field, incompetence, dishonesty, & honest mistakes occur in live blood analysis. I had a free LBA at a health fair. I was on a raw diet, believed my blood to be virtually perfect, but didn't tell them anything. I expected to be told to buy some of the associated products, & then call their bluff, but they confirmed that my blood was surprisingly clear of any problems, the first such case they'd seen that day. I trust a guy who refuses to sell me anything!

Anonymous said...

The star should be sued, and all you negative people should go back to school. This is merely imunotheraphy,the body's ability to heal itself.But before this can happen the PH balance must be restored.Just like a swimming pool.For those fools out there our body is 70 % water.So they never say they are going to cure anything, rather help you to not get sick so you have to take drugs with huge side effects,but of course you dont seem to care about that, when last did you see the maserati your GP drives around in.

Anonymous said...

the live blood analysis really showed me what is wrong in my body and the real situation with my blood being sticky and lack of oxygen and candida overgrowth. hence it is not a scam. However post diagnosis , the supplements cholorophyll can not do much difference in that amount as it is supplement .if there are virus, pathogens attacking you,
I only found RIFE machine treatments later on. if only doctor also use the RIFE machine i would be cured and dont have to see a single doctor and hear their bullshit nonsense.. They are practically doing consultation and not really treating. they get my money just doing consultation chats more than really treating patients... the STAR is controlled media... dont believe what the papers tell you.