Thursday, October 29, 2009


Managed to catch the 11.30am screening of MJ's "This Is It" docu-movie. I'll say it again - I'm not an MJ fan, but this man deserves to be garlanded with superlatives of the highest order. The choreography was jaw-dropping, the special effects mind-blowing, and the music foot-stomping. I was completely mesmerized watching this legend on the big screen.

MJ with the director Kenny Ortega
The movie puts together video footage taken at rehearsals from April to June of this year. The viewer is given selected glimpses of what went on at the rehearsals. From auditions to music direction - MJ saw to every detail. Despite looking thin and gaunt in some of the movie sequences, MJ sang and danced just like he did in his music videos.
Orianthi Panagaris, MJ's guitarist from Adelaide. She's unbelievable!

Watch the video clip below and you will have a sense of the enormity of the production and the gruelling hours that went into it. The rehearsals were energy-sapping even for the dancers who were half MJ's age (he was 50). Doing 50 concerts would have taken the life out of him.
If you plan to catch the movie, go for the 2D version - better sound and visuals.


foodbin said...

he led a stressful life till the day he died-what a waste!

CheaHSan said...

Hi Thanks for 'revealing' that lovely guitarist Orianthi. Have been thinking about her identity since MJ's demise.