Sunday, January 25, 2009


Time for a much needed dose of feel-good medicine. Nothing like some self-deprecating humour to do the trick. Thank you, Henry Cheong of Melbourne, for reminding us not to take old age too seriously :-)!

Ya, right, gramps! We all go through phases.

Seeing double - and double the joy!

Nothing like celebrating with a puff from your birthday cake!

I could have sworn it was up there before.

Giving new meaning to "Get Lost!"
That's the strangest 4-wheel drive I've ever seen!

Is grandma a total embarrassment or the pride of the family?
Dirty old hand!

Doesn't matter - I'm here for the free beer!

Mind those dentures!

Grandma's motorcade.

Always wear your safety helmet if nothing else!


Barrie Hopson said...

Hi Lily,
love the photos and I agree we absolutely must not take everything so seriously. Laughter produces all those great enzymes that prolong life.

seniorsaloud said...

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, whatever our age. Old age becomes so much more fun (and funny) if we can learn to look at the brighter and lighter) side of every situation :-)This is the kind of supplement we need in our daily diet - and it's free!