Monday, January 26, 2009


Below is Bulbir's letter which was published in The Star today. He shares his opinion on nurturing children.

Doting grandpa Bulbir with two of his grandchildren.

I LIKE much of what is said by single mother "No need to please others" (Sunday Star, Jan 25). Well said in how to bring up kids of today, Chan Suet See. I am also like you in handling children and grandchildren. I believe in being a tough master here as you say “be prepared for buckets of regrets” if they do not come out right.

Take this from me - parental involvement is a major key to success of kids at home, in school and in life. And for great bonding, we must be involved with our children and keep them away from any bad influence at an early age. Parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching children good values and ethics that should stand them good all their lives.

Quality family time at home

Some parents today say they have limited time and there is so little they can do for them. Others maintain that economic and social conditions keep them away from the young ones. Some are forced to work long hours. That is a reality.

But can we leave it like this? No. To me, whatever little time we spend with our children counts. I mean quality time. We should show that they are our priority. We can read to them, play with them, or assist them with their homework.Teachers can only find little time to work one -on -one with your children. Bear in mind that God holds parents, not teachers, ultimately responsible for the upbringing of children.



bokjae said...

Thanks for your continuous effort to give seniors some coverage!! hehe! Guess I belong here but at 61 we are among the youngest!! hehe!

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" to you! Drop by to let U know that my new blog is now at Thanks and have a wonderful start to the Year of The Golden Ox!

Theodore said...

I completely agree with the post.
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