Saturday, March 8, 2014


Since the very first article 'For retirees, every ringgit counts' was posted here in May 2008, SeniorsAloud has posted close to 850 articles including videos on the blog. I did a quick check on the number of page views per post, and this is what I have discovered. While the articles cover a wide range of topics, the ones that have garnered the most page views are on health, finance and nursing homes.

The top 10 most popular posts are listed below with the accompanying links. Click on the titles that interest you if you wish to read the content.

Top 10 posts (as of 8 March 2014):

Cancer survivor Dr Tom Wu's recipe for good health (posted on 13 June 2009)

Recession-proof investing (posted on 22 Oct 2008)

Guys, the jokes are on you this time (posted on 14 July 2009)

In search of a good nursing home (posted on 14 May 2011)

Dr Richard Teo - What is true joy? (posted on 12 Oct 2012)

The 10 questions you should ask your doctor (posted on 7 Feb 2012)

Age-defying role models (posted on 7 April 2011)

Finding and keeping a partner (posted on 7 June 2009)

A peacock today, a feather duster tomorrow (posted on 15 April 2009)

Nudity - what has age got to do with it? (posted on 28 Oct 2012)

My personal favourite is Tan Sri Dato Dr Ani Arope's retirement speech entitled 'A Peacock today, A Feather Duster Tomorrow'. It is one of the best retirement speeches I have come across, with plenty of practical and sensible advice for soon-to-be retirees. I certainly wish I had known about it earlier, and made better preparation for my own retirement.

Happy weekend!

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