Friday, August 2, 2013


I attended the launch of Do Good Academy yesterday. It was a double celebration as 1 August also marks the first anniversary of Do Good Volunteer (DGV), a social initiative started by the Star, in collaboration with Leaderonomics, a training subsidiary of the Star.

The object is to provide a meeting point for organisations looking for volunteers to help them with their projects, and for volunteers looking to lend a helping hand to these organizations. DGV acts as the matchmaker, so to speak.

The video below explains what DGV is all about.

I think it's a noble initiative, and about time too. It is a perennial challenge for NGOs and charity organizations to find funds and volunteers. Kudos to the young and dynamic team under DGV Development Director, Amanda Chua, for getting DGV off the ground and running for a year. The success stories on their website are testimony that their efforts have paid off.

Screen grab from Do Good Volunteer website

Now with the launch of Do Good Academy (DGA), NGOs are getting a further boost in terms of training skills to manage their organizations more efficiently and sustainably.

The academy has enlisted the help of top-notch trainers who are experts in their respective fields to conduct free training courses for NGOs, NPOs and other social enterprises. Some of the 21 courses offered are listed below:

  • Fundraising Essentials
  • Finance Management
  • Effective Strategic Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Computer and Internet Literacy
  • Social Media Marketing for NGOs
  • Proposal and Grant Writing
  • Public and Media Relations

These courses provide community leaders with the essential skills for the successful management of their organizations. All too often we have heard of NGOs running into trouble because of a lack of funds, insufficient manpower and poor management skills. The setting up of Do Good Academy is definitely a step in the right direction in the Star's CSR program, and a blessing to all NGOs in the country.

This video below was shown during the launch. I highly recommend it for viewing by all NGOs and community leaders to get new insights on how funds should be allocated to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

If your NGO is keen to know more about Do Good Academy and the training courses, send them an email. Just click here.

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Unknown said...

this training sounds great. We need to get some more people trained this well to work for us at JRSmedical. Thanks for the post.